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art plug

this post is to say: COME TO MY ZINE FAIR!

Saturday October 25th at the Starlight from 12-6

Vendors all day, workshops:
1pm Super 8 Filming
2pm Book Binding
3pm Silk Screening
4pm Super 8 Filming Redux

8pm The Cursed Arrows and Kidstreet play, $5

It is going to be even more rad this year.

In other news:

Dan is in Vegas for a few days and I miss him.

We booked a trip to Jamaica for a week in January. Ya man!

We also booked a weird trip to stay in a time share on the shores of Lake Simcoe for a week in December, during which we will see Kenny ROgers play a Christmas show, and presumably get a little relaxing done.

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Yip I Yaddy I Yay I Yay

So, I got EGGED at work today. I was taking in the sandwich board around 1:30, and a car drove by and somebody threw an egg at me and drove off. I actually didn't notice until they had driven up the street. They hit the curb and only a tiny bit of egg got on my foot.

But why? Why egg poor little innocent me? Am I the establishment now? Am I some grown up the kids feel the urge too goof on? When did I switch from being egger to eggee?

Okay, I guess I was never and egger, but still.
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In the words of a famous Agile Like This song, I am a cleaning machine!

I have everything crossed off my to do list for before Melissa comes except vacuuming, which I might just leave for the danner bananner. It feels good to have a clean apartment! We have a new coffee table (new to us, as Dan's dad built it in highschool wood shop) which makes the living room seem vast. I swept and mopped the kitchen, tidied the f out of the living room and spare room, changed the sheets on the spare room bed, did 4 loads of laundry including all my rugs and dish towels, and cleaned the bathroom. Phew!

In other news, yesterday I had my first shift at my new joe-job at the waterloo county antique warehouse. it's pretty easy, I just walk around and open display cases and put things up at the front for people. it's gonna be hard to not buy a lot of antiques at this job, but so far so good. it seems like the kind of job that might be fun to work hooted, so maybe after a few weeks I'll try that.

In other other news, I found my favourite jeans! I haven't seen these jeans since before we went to San Fransisco. When I got back, I was confused, because I had just done a huge cleaning job on my closet, and it's hard to lose things in a clean closet. So, I ripped apart my closet, destroying all the good cleaning work I had done, to no avail. I got in such a tizzy, all over jeans! I hate getting all worked up about such a dumb thing, but I get frantic when things go inexplicably missing- I attribute it to early onset dementia and get all teary. But lo and behold! My jeans mysteriously appeared two days ago on top of a pile of jeans that I had been through a dozen times! I'm not going to bother myself about where they came from, I'm just gonna wear them gratefully. I already spilled yesterday's bacon grease that Dan failed to dispose of on them. Welcome back "the Diva"s!

Also, I broke down and bought a mac book and life has significantly improved as a result.
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the tv won't turn on

I made jambalaya tonight. I think I must be a pretty good cook, because it look like I can make just about anything and it works out delicious! I used real good expensive andouille sausage, and bought special white pepper and it turned out exactly right! Sometimes I shrink from regional cuisine, because I don't think it'll turn out, but recently I've been proving myself wrong. Food is so interesting to me these days! I can't stop reading all these old Food & Drink mags my mom gave me. I might start making excessively elaborate dinners come next ANTM cycle. Or CNTM... when does that start???

Sadly, the speed and precision necessary to make a profession of my talent have been denied to me by the heavens above. Sela. Rather than lose a finger I shall pursue another line of work.
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saw leonard cohen on monday

Such a meaningful experience. Had really good seats, cried a little, very satisfied. Leonard was pretty spry for a 75 year old, and performed for 3 hours!


This is waiting in line. I was a little sozzled from fancy wine at this point; a fine way to see Leonard Cohen, and possibly responsible for the tears. I don't care though! I love you Leonard Cohen, you are worth every salty splash. Sigh.

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several things

just finished finally watching the movie "secretary". I found it to be very different from my experiences of being a secretary. maybe I should watch the film "waitress" and see how that compares. for a feminist, I certainly have worked a lot of stereotypically female jobs. next on my list: get knocked up!

anyway, I thought the film was pretty good. it gave me a deeper understanding of masochism. before I thought it was pretty dumb, but now I just think it's a little ridiculous.

I think I might start taking this hot yoga everyone in town is going ape shit for. it's everywhere! everyone is talking about it! can it possibly live up to the hype? watch this space to find out.

saturday I get to go see hamlet at stratford! this will be my first time to see a play in stratford, ontario. I have seen a play at the original stratford. I'm not much one for plays normally, but I really like hamlet. so angsty, so identifiable!

ellie might blog about my recent brush with arrogance, so I won't steal her thunder. but I'll say this, and it will seem sphinx-like... sometimes you need someone to say something really offensive to you to wake you up to how you've started thinking of yourself.
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Suggest a me

I am in a library, surrounded by books, with no idea what to read. please suggest a book to keep me occupied, enthralled and educated.

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thank god somebody tagged me!

I like how free form this meme is! I don't have to decide between chocolate and vanilla or some crap like that!

here are 6 random/quirky/interesting facts about copper_mrs

1.As a small child my career aspiration was to be a stand up comic. Or a stand up comic turned talk show host. I would practice my routines in the back yard complete with showy jumps into my kiddy pool. Eventually, adolescence robbed me of my senseless confidence, but recently I've been thinking maybe it wasn't such a bad idea.

2.I take extremely good care of my feet. This includes occasional proffesional pedicures, wearing extremely comfy footwear at all times, using a pumice stone every day, and the occasional exfoliating scrub. My mother has these crazy stank ass conde-nast feet, and as a child they terrified me. She claims they are a result of coming of age in the 50's and 60's and wearing tight skirts and high heels every day to her job teaching first graders. Anyway, my feet are big, but they are pretty perfect. Except for a small toe-hair problem.

3.I'm obsessed with photo-boothe pictures- which is not unusual... but I am obsessed with taking a solo portrait every year of my life, so when I'm an old lady I can make a flip book of myself gradually aging. I even have standard facial expressions for each of the 4 pics: smile, serious, half-smile and one with my glasses. I have been doing this since I was 18, so I have almost 11 years worth of me already aging, and it is some freaky-ass shit.

4.I assume everybody I know is aware that I had a brother, that I was very close to. I get kind of shocked when I realize the majority of people aren't aware of the fact that he took his own life 6 years ago after a not very long struggle with schizophrenia. This is the kind of thing that is hard to bring up casually, and certainly casts a shadow over an otherwise charmingly light list of quirky facts such as this. Anyway, I'm pretty comfortable talking about it. It was a tragic thing and all, but it's actually kind of made me a better person in a lot of ways, kinder and more understanding than before. I find it odd that something so central to my personality is unknown to the majority of my accquaintance.

5.As a child, I hated pickles. Now I love pickles. When I go to McDonalds, however, and order several cheeseburgers (as is my wont) I always remove the pickles from the burgers, almost as a superstition. I got so used to doing it as a child, it seems weird not too. Also, it gives me a chance to glance at the center of the burger to make sure it's not werid or raw or anything. Usually I am with Ellie and she eats these discarded pickles with relish.

6.I have over 40 first cousins spread over 3 continents! My mother was one of 7, born in England. My father was one of 13, born in Australia. My father's family were farm people, so they had a lot of children. I have 3 gay cousins, one cousin who went to clown college in France, one cousin who has a PHD and was adopted away from the family, one cousin who is a semi-professional jazz dancer, 2 cousins who are nurses, one cousin who has a serious gambling addiction and was shell shocked in Vietnam, 10 cousins who are over 50, and lots of cousins I don't even know the names of. It feels weird to have such a big extended family, and to know only a fraction of them. For instance, I have no cousins in Canada. If I ever went to Australia, I would have to remain celibate for fear of inbreeding.

Sorry to be so loquacious! I hereby tag: bugsybrown, flyingbuttress and jezebelmcpussy.
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Vag-related Spoilers!

I am mostly posting because Meagan was whining about how no one on her friends list ever posts.


America's Next Top Model reached a new level of obscure diversity by having a model on who has been circumcised!

I've been making copious amounts of cat buttons. A crazy old lady could wear them ALL.

Tonight was reggae night at my bar. I love reggae, but it was just okay... a whole night of reggae can wear you down.

I have sent off the paper work to become a non-profit organization. Fuck! I wish I made a prophet(sic)at something in life!

"Exciting purchases" made yesterday at Zellers: a shoe rack, big rubbermade storage containers for a low low prices, brita filter, crochet hook. It's so sad, but my more organized shoe area is bringing me so very much enjoyment! Who knew this issue was waying so much on my mind? WHO AM I??

Are you happy Meagan? Hmmmmmmm?
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(no subject)

do you ever feel like you want to say something bad? Just because every once in a while you have to be horrible or the rest of the time when you keep your opinions to yourself you might explode?

so here it is, and lj pals, I hope those of you who know what I'm talking about know me well enought to know I mean this in the most body positive-and unrelated way possible, but...

dude, why aren't they talking about the face that jennifer love hewitt is just a dog to begin with???

anyway, sorry J. Love.